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The ForeverChat IRC Network was founded Nov 7 2001. It currently has 1 user connectable servers.

We currently average about 450 users and do not spam other networks to gain users, except for Newsgroup signatures and posts to Bulletin boards that allow it, no advertisement for the network occurs, we rely on word of mouth from satisfied users to get the word out and welcome all new users who wish to use our services.

ForeverChat IRC network can be visited by using a compatible WebIRC chat or by typing the following in any client:

/server irc.foreverchat.net

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We offer full services including Chanserv, Nickserv, and Hostserv, with a liberal 45 day expiration period for nicks and 30 days for channels. We allow all channels except those which contravene our Acceptable Use Policy.

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We pride ourselves on redundancy and stability. Having a number of servers on various hosts thoughout the world provides the redundancy needed to ensure users will always be able to connect as expected

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ForeverChat have staff located across the globe, this gives means you should always have someone available to answer questions or deal with network outages

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